Cuba Gooding Jr. was slammed by Judge Curtis Farber for showing up to court more than half an hour late. He was there to finalize a trial date for allegedly groping a woman’s breast at a bar in Midtown last year. 

When the 52-year-old strolled in, Farber reportedly scolded him: “The case was called for 9:30 a.m. Why are you late?”

“I apologize, we hit traffic,” said Peter Toumbekis, one of two attorneys representing Gooding in the case.

“You have to leave early next time,” Farber ordered.

If convicted, Gooding Jr. faced up to a year behind bars. Since his arrest, 21 other women have accused him of sexual misconduct. On Wednesday, Farber ruled that two of the accusers can testify in the trial, which will begin April 21st.