In the opening statements of Harvey Weinstein’s criminal rape trial today (Wednesday), his lawyers will be able to refer to what they say are “dozens and dozens of loving” notes sent to him by women who have accused of him of sexual misconduct, including rape. 

On Tuesday, New York State Supreme Court Judge James Burke ruled that they would be allowed. However, the attorneys will not be able to display the emails at that point. 

Burke said he’s allow it because it has to do with “defendants theory of the case that the sex was consensual.”

Damon Cheronis, one of Weinstein’s attorneys, said the emails are written statements to Harvey Weinstein from complaining witnesses, and I can give you example after example,” adding that it “will be up to the witness to explain why they said something different.”

He said that “witnesses who claim sexual assault with him also bragged about being involved in sexual relations with him.”

He said that one alleged victim reached out “to give him her own phone number” and another “wanted to introduce him to her mother.”

Also on Tuesday, an appeals court “denied in its entirety” Weinstein’s attempt to have the trial moved outside of NYC. 

The 67-year-old faces five charges of sexual assault. A jury of seven men and five women was seated Friday.