Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham is responding to critics who say she shouldn’t have filmed herself dancing in a bikini in front of her daughter Sophia, who is 10. Abraham posted the video of herself dancing in a suit on a yacht. 

Social media users freaked. Wrote one: "Mom of the year right there!!! I feel so bad for Sophia…you seriously need help!!!"

"Your 10 yr old watching behind the camera is the worst part," added another.

She told TMZ: "I have to say there is nothing wrong with a woman being, like, fully dressed in clothing—if that's a bikini set or whatever.”

Abrahan added: ["I feel like a lot of moms are sex shamed—which I have definitely have been in my life—and I think when I'm single, gorgeous, young and beautiful, I would almost regret looking back at my life not living a happy, outgoing life. And I would definitely hope my daughter is never shamed to cover up herself and not be her happiest."] SOUNDCUE (:17 OC: . . .be her happiest.)

She added that she thinks of her lifestyle  "a little bit more conservatively than other people do."

The 28-year-old said that she is “blessed” and that Sophia  is "more well behaved than I see of her other kids and her other peers."

Farrah Abraham :