Thomas Rhett is a hands-on dad, typically spending most of his time off the road with his wife, Lauren, and their two toddler daughters, Willa Gray and Ada James. If you keep up with Thomas' social media accounts, then you know a favorite activity of the girls' is watching their favorite animated movies.

Thomas tells us he's watched countless viewings of certain films whose music he'd be happy to never hear again. “In my house, between Coco and Frozen, I am completely sick of ‘Let It Go’ and Frozen. And then this song called ‘Remember Me’ that’s in Coco that we literally watch every single day, and now has drifted to The Little Mermaid, so I would say that those three songs, if I never heard them again, I would not be upset.”

Thomas' Very Hot Summer Tour revs back up on September 5th in Sioux Falls, SD.

He's currently racing up the charts with “Remember You Young,” which was inspired by his daughters.