Actor Dennis Quaid actually volunteered to be in Midland's video for their latest single, “Mr. Lonely.” Not only that, but he really wanted to put himself out there and do all his own stunts, something which Midland member and the video's co-director, Cameron Duddy, tells us was a little too risky in certain shots. “Dennis Quaid wanted to do all his own stunts which is like, absurd, because I’m not going to be responsible for hurting Dennis Quaid on a free music video shoot. He ended up doing a lot of stuff that we didn’t want him to do. He took some serious blows. We did drag him across the bar. We would not light his crotch on fire. He wanted to do it. We were like, ‘Dude, I’m sorry we just can’t do it we don’t have the insurance policy for it.’ He wanted to get thrown out the window. We were like, ‘No, actually, why don’t you go shoot this thing over here.’ We kind of had to fake him out and shoot two units to do certain things so he wouldn’t be around, because he would’ve just insisted on doing it. All told it was a fantastic video, super fun to work on. Dennis Quaid over delivered.”

“Mr. Lonely” will be featured on Midland’s new album, Let It Roll, which is set for release on August 23rd.

This weekend Midland plays fairs and festivals in Cheyenne, WY; Deadwood, SD; and Minot, ND.