Jordan Davis' latest single, “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot,” is striking an emotional chord with fans and even making its way into their weddings. Jordan tells us: “When you look out and you play a song like ‘Slow Dance,’ and you see a guy wrap his girl up during the song or a girl nuzzling up next to the guy, it’s emotion. It means they’re feeling something, and we write these songs for people to hear them and I hope I’m sparking those kinds of feelings and emotions that are written about people that I feel that way about. I’ve gotten a lot of messages in meet and greets that ‘Slow Dance’ has been the first dance in a lot of weddings so far. That’s a great feeling to know that you had a pretty key role in a very, very special day for some people.”

“Slow Dance in a Parking Lot” is the follow-up to Jordan's two No. 1 hits – “Singles You Up” and “Take It From Me” – from his debut album, Home State.