Cody Johnson's debut single, “On My Way To You,” is heading for the top of the charts likely because it's connecting with fans the same way it connected with Cody from the first time he heard it. While he didn't have a hand in writing the song, Cody says it's personal to him, and he tells us it includes his very favorite line in a song. “'On My Way To You,' in my opinion, is probably one of the best songs I've ever heard. I was very lucky to not only record it but release it as a first single. It's very autobiographical for me. I think about all the boats I have missed, and it has my favorite line of any song, and this is coming from a guy who writes songs. My favorite line out of any song ever is 'all the beers I've drank, all the damage done,' and I thought, 'What a great deep, deep, deep line to talk about something so shallow.' It paints such a great picture. Every time I sing this song or hear this song on the radio I see the same things — I see the same guy in the same truck, and that's a very special thing. I was very, very thankful to have that song.”

“On My Way To You” is included on Cody's debut album, Ain't Nothin' To It, which was released in January.