Actress Jameela Jamil’s tweet about what happened when she rejected a man’s advances has resulted in an outpouring of #MeToo moments on Twitter.

Jamil wrote: “Was out at the shops with my friend. Man ogles me. Man then approaches me to give me his number. I explain I have a boyfriend but thank him for the offer. Man then threatens my career, saying I better remember that I rejected him. And then Shouts at me that I’m low class…”

Many sympathized with the Good Life star, and many others pointed out that she shouldn’t have to explain herself in the first place. “It’s gross that you had to mention that you were already taken by another man (we’ve probably all done this) to try to 'let a man down easy' in order to stay safe and that didn’t even ducking work,” one user wrote.

Jamil replied with another story: “I once said no thank you to man when I was 19 and didn’t have an excuse… and he punched me in the face. After that whether or not I have a boyfriend, I say I do. Being a woman is truly, constantly scary. It’s like existing on thin ice.”