Brett Young is proud to be married to his wife, Taylor Mills, and is happy to share their love with fans. He also just appreciates the fact that he can do that, which he tells us is something pretty exclusive to country music artists and country music fans who are genuinely happy for him and his buddies like the newly-engaged Luke Combs and Carly Pearce and Michael Ray. “Coming from L.A., there was always this need for male artists to appear single. I don’t care, if you’ve been with your girlfriend for X amount, or if you’re married, you need to appear available, but never be available was the whole thing. And I always hated that. And it’s one thing I love about country music, is the country music fans embrace love and relationships and romance. I’m happy for those guys. Me and Taylor hang out with Luke and Nicole all the time and so it was so fun to see that for them, and Michael and Carly, I’ve known Carly since I first moved to town and it was fun to see them connect and hit it off. And so, I think love and relationships and country music is kind of fun for the fans to see.”

Brett's latest single, “Here Tonight,” has jumped into the Top Five on the charts.