Chris Lane hits the road with Dan + Shay later this month and for him, one of the perks of being in a different city every day is getting to try out the local golf courses. Chris tells us exclusively that over the last few years, his obsession with golf has intensified. “Progressively, I just kept getting that fever and that itch, like just more and more and more every single year, and now it's probably a little too much, but I don't know. It's something that makes me really happy and I love it and I don't think I could ever get tired of it. It's much like football and baseball was and basketball was for me growing up. I mean, that's the only thing I ever did. It's what truly made me happy and now that I don't get a chance to do that I found something else that makes me truly happy other than being able to write music and perform and do all that kind of stuff. Golf is my passion. But it is a fun thing you get to go do during the day. You get to travel the country, go play a new golf course. It's fun!”

Chris will join Dan + Shay beginning on March 29th in Madison, WI.