Mitchell Tenpenny has released the music video for his latest single, “Alcohol You Later.” The clip was filmed in downtown Nashville, and in it Mitchell can be seen morphing in and out of several settings where one image overlaps another, creating this woozy trip through a couple falling in and out of touch.

Mitchell tells us: “I actually had to learn some choreography in it and do some things in it, not like crazy dance like NSYNC stuff but like motions, and we filmed the same steps, like envision a diamond and I had to go to each point at the same part of the song and do the same motions four different places on Printer's Alley. I want it to feel like you're drunk, like you're stumbling around and really quick pace. That was kind of the concept is just you start drinking at the beginning of the night, it starts going, everything starts going nuts and then you end up back at home with her and ready to make another mistake again.”

“Alcohol You Later” was co-written by Mitchell and follows up his debut chart-topping hit, “Drunk Me.”

He continues on the Make It Sweet tour with Old Dominion through late April.