New insight is being shared into Luke Perry’s family’s decision to pull his life support. The 52-year-old suffered what has been described as a “massive stroke” February 27th, and after being rushed to a Burbank, California hospital, his condition deteriorated.

Doctors immediately put him under sedation to try to help his brain heal, Us Weekly reports. A source close to the family said his loved ones hoped he’d emerge from the induced coma, but he never regained consciousness.

“Luke’s loved ones were hoping they’d pull him out of it after 48 hours or so,” the source says. “But he never recovered. It was devastating.”

On Monday, March 4th, family members, including his fiancée Wendy Madison Bauer, decided to take him off support. When he died, the Riverdale star’s children Jack, 21, and Sophie, 18, ex-wife Rachel “Minnie” Sharp, to whom he was married from 1993 to 2003, Bauer and other close family members and friends were by his side.

SON BREAKS SILENCE Perry’s son Jack broke his silence on Wednesday, sharing a photo from one of his wrestling matches as his father watches.

Jack says, “I've learned so much from you, and my heart is broken thinking about everything you won't be here for. I'll miss you every day that I walk this earth.”

NEW EPISODE The CW aired its first episode of Riverdale since Perry’s death, and dedicated it, and the rest of the episodes until the show ends, to his memory.