The song that Kacey Musgraves performed on Sunday (February 10th) night's Grammy Awards, called "Rainbow," is her brand new single.  As with the rest of her Grammy-winning album, Golden Hour, Kacey co-wrote the song, which she tells us is a positive and hopeful reminder for herself. [“The song ‘Rainbow’ was actually written a handful of years ago as sort of a little bit of a memo to myself. I think we can all get stuck in a mindset that things are never gonna improve or you can easily focus on kind of the bad parts of whatever you’re going through and not really realize that if you pulled your head above the water you’d see that the sun is actually shining and that everything’s actually okay."] SOUNDCUE (:26 OC: . . . everything's actually okay.)

Kacey has also released a video for "Rainbow," which got a sneak peek during E!'s Red Carpet special prior to the Grammy Awards.

As you know by now, Kacey walked away with four Grammy awards, including overall Best Album and Best Country Album for Golden Hour, Best Country Song for “Space Cowboy” with co-writers Luke Laird and Shane McAnally and Best Country Solo Performance for “Butterflies.”