Jerry Seinfeld has been accused of knowingly auctioning off a fake Porsche for $1.54 million. 

Seinfeld got slapped with a lawsuit by collector Fica Frio, who filed papers in Manhattan federal court alleging the legendary comic passed off an alleged 1958 Porsche Carrera Speedster knowing it was bogus. The buyer contended that, to make matters worse, Seinfeld failed to follow through after promising to make it right. 

“After being informed by Fica Frio that the vehicle is not authentic, Mr. Seinfeld orally accepted, in a voicemail audio recording, Fica Frio’s offer to rescind the sale of the Vehicle and return to Fica Frio the purchase price that Fica Frio had paid to Mr. Seinfeld, plus all costs it incurred, in exchange for Fica Frio returning the Vehicle to Mr. Seinfeld,” the suit states. “Mr. Seinfeld breached that oral agreement, as he has not returned Fica Frio’s purchase price nor paid to Fico Frio its costs incurred, in exchange for the vehicle.”

Seinfeld, who appears in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, showing off his love of vintage cars while interviewing other comedians, auctioned off the car in March of 2016.

Seinfeld’s lawyer Orin Snyder told the Post that “Jerry has been working in good faith to get to the bottom of this matter.”