Lydia Hearst isn’t a mom herself yet, but she still has strong feelings about breastfeeding. In a message posted to Instagram, alongside a shot of herself “nursing” two baby dolls, the actress wrote that she was “honored” to be a part of the Equinox shoot honoring “women and their bodies.”

Hearst continued: “I find it appalling that anyone would sexualize or look down upon one of the most natural and beautiful things a woman can do, which is to feed, nurture and love a child. No woman should be shames for this. Society has sexualized breasts and anyone’s resentment and disappointment toward this act is nothing more than a projection of their own self-disgust.”

Hearst is no stranger to controversy. Her husband Chris Hardwick, 47, was accused of sexual and emotional abuse by his ex, Chloe Dykstra last year. Hearst stood by him, telling People at the time: “I have made the decision to come out in support of my husband, not out of obligation, but out of necessity to speak truth about the person I know.”