Jason Aldean celebrated his career 21st Number One hit yesterday (Tuesday, January 8th) with a party in Nashville. He gathered with the writers of "Drowns The Whiskey" to toast to the milestone hit, along with family, friends and members of the Nashville music industry.

Jason tells us that while he's not necessarily keeping up with how many chart-toppers he's scored, each one means that the fans are still invested. ["The very first one was so exciting just because it was something I had spent my whole life waiting for and wanting and it was special for that reason, and to me the number doesn't matter as just feeling like people still, 13 years into this deal, people still like what I'm doing. To me, that's the thing that's cool. I don't really get caught up too much in it's Number 21 or Number 22 or whatever. We've had enough of them at this point (that) I feel pretty good about, you know what I mean? Like we've got enough, and if we never had another one it's like I feel like we had a pretty good run, so at this point I'm just excited people still care about what we do."] SOUNDCUE (:38 OC: . . . what we do.)

Jason's Number One party came in the midst of a whirlwind time for the superstar, who is in the middle of moving and about to welcome a new baby daughter. He explains: ["We've been trying to sell our house and literally just sold it Sunday. I got 10 days to get out and move into a new house that I don't have, so it's been crazy, plus my wife is about to pop any second, so, yeah, it's pretty crazy right now I gotta say. I'm glad all this happened at least after Christmas."] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . least after Christmas.)

Jason is racing back up the charts with "Girl Like You," the latest from his 2018 Rearview Town album.