Mitchell Tenpenny celebrated tomorrow's (Friday, December 14th) release of his debut album, Telling All My Secrets, a little early in Nashville on Tuesday (December 11th) night with a live performance at City Winery. The 11-song project has already produced a Number One hit with "Drunk Me," Mitchell's debut single.

He played 10 songs off the album, including his next single, “Alcohol You Later,” which will head to radio in January.

Mitchell co-wrote all the songs on Telling All My Secrets including the title track, which he tells us was a great choice for the album's title because while it seems mysterious, there's actually nothing but transparency. ["The mystery behind it. I'm really into mystery. I've always loved mystery books, just stuff like that and with the album cover and the phone call it's like, 'What is it?' There's just a whole aspect to that and Telling All My Secrets seemed to fit that mystery, that narrative of that mystery, and it's one of my favorite songs on the record. It is when you're finally opening up. I mean, that song's about a guy admitting finally this girl owns me. She's my world. She's everything, and that's what that's kind of about and so when a man can actually put his walls down and say that sometime, that's kind of what I wanted to present. It's like, 'I'm open to telling you everything I've got. Here's my honesty.' It's my first record. It just felt right to be honest from the beginning."] SOUNDCUE (:42 OC: . . . from the beginning.)

Mitchell is currently on the road promoting the new album with his Telling All My Secrets Album Release Tour. He plays on Saturday (December 15th) in Macon, GA.