Moving on, or trying to at least. After stepping down as host of the Oscars following a backlash against anti-gay tweets that he deleted from his timeline, the 39-year-old Kevin Hart shared images of himself onstage at a packed Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney. Meanwhile, several observers are denouncing the hypocrisy they see comparing the public’s reactions to his comments versus similar ones made by white women.

The crowd embraced him and he embraced their enthusiasm, writing: “All I can say is WOOOOOOOOW…..Thank you so much Sydney Australia….Making the world laugh is forever a priority. Blessed to be able to bring laughter on a international level & do what I love!!!!”

He did not mention the Oscars flap during the show, but did allude it to it, per E! News: “Always embrace your flaws and f–k ups.”


Many people on social media questioned the different responses to Hart and Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer and Chelsea Handler, all of whom have also tweeted out what many say are homophobic and racist remarks … and Silverman has performed in blackface, many pointed out.

Some fan of those comedians defended them, saying they apologized and changed their ways. But many remained unconvinced.

Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che denounced what he saw as hypocrisy on “Weekend Update,” saying that Mel Gibson—who has been accused in the past for anti-Semitism and racism—was just nominated for an Oscar last year.