Early on in her career, Carey Mulligan said paranoia plagued her every move.  

Mulligan graced the cover of PorterEdit, and inside, she gave readers insight into her swift rise to fame and the confusion that resulted. She said: “I find it all much easier now. I took it all way too seriously when I was younger because I didn’t know any different. It all happened so quickly. I went to the premiere of Pride and Prejudice but there were 12 of us and no one took my photo on my own. Then An Education happened and suddenly it was awards season in LA, and I honestly had no idea what was going on.”

She continued, “I was completely freaked out and so paranoid about everything, people judging me or saying [things] about me. It’s a shame, because it should’ve been really fun and it wasn’t.”

Mulligan can be seen in Wildlife opposite Jake Gyllenhaal. 

Source: Pulse of Radio